Biography of the Trading Zone Founder

Keep your Focus and don't stop your journey until you'll get there.

He was originally from Davao Oriental Philippines and grew up in the farm. He graduated his academy years last 2005 in Davao Oriental Academy a.k.a DOA with honors and proceeded his college journey to South Philippine Adventist College and pursued the degree of Bachelors of Arts in Theology in the 2009 with honors and recognition. He has passion in the ministry but he has more passion of helping to those who desperately need and it ignites him to go abroad and look for a better job. In the year 2010, he was trying to grind in anything from MLM business to different kind of businesses while he was still in the country yet all those things didn't work and so his motivation of going abroad was his ultimate choice in looking for a greener pasture that could possibly help to those he wanted to help.

In April 2011, he arrived in Thailand with nothing but faith in God as he was originally coming to the country for a missionary work but when he met the president of Thailand Adventist Mission and the rest of their administrators, they were all just saying "I'll see you around" and for hearing these words several times, the local pastor whom he became close like brother suggested him to apply for teaching job for there is just a slight chance that he will be admitted to the missionary work for the administrators are busy discussing about school and hospital businesses instead of missionary outreach of the country.

In addition to that, Filipino community in Chantaburi Church gave him unwelcome treatment for his first 4 months of stay until he couldn't endure he moved to the place of his friend, the one who invited him to enter to the country. For almost 5 months that he couldn't find a job until he was given the opportunity to teach the most wild and worst students in a certain school where almost admitted students are expelled from other schools. The first two weeks was unending challenge for him and even almost gave up but he has no other choice besides that and having no work in a foreign land is the most trying and challenging situation and so he has to endure. There was another call from other school, he went and move to the other until finally the University that he applied back in May and that time, it was December. The University called him and told him if he has some interest to work in the University as lecturer or Instructor. At first, he was hesitant but later on, he went and work.

During the first few months of working as lecturer. He had several challenges, adjusting himself to adult students and of course the environment factor and other stuffs yet he was able to manage himself in all those things. But one thing that puffed up into his mind that time was his passion of helping others yet he didn't know where to go, what to do, where to find and how to start a certain stream of income where his passion will be realized. He got involved in several Networkings and yet he got same result like what happened in the Philippines in the previous years. He got involved into Revenue Sharing Programs, affiliate marketing, Paid To Click Ads, Binary Options and some related stuffs and yet all he got was a losing trek.

Then, on late 2014 he start reading stuffs about forex but he couldn't understand it since it is far related to his degree yet it didn't stop him and what he did?  He keep searching for answers, finding his edge towards this strange career that it might be his full time job in the near future. A year after, he attended forex seminars conducted by XM in Bangkok for several occasions and he started learning something different but he couldn't find his edge yet. 

January 9 2016, the worst scenario happened to him and his family, they met a fatal accident. The car was almost totally wrecked. He has no insurance that time and even his car registration was almost expired. Their car was in the shop for around 5 months and they were struggling with their mode of transportation as his wife was working in a distant University. Then, eight months after the accident, there was far worst situation that happened to him, he was fired from the University unprepared. He tried to look for a teaching job for the whole year and he couldn't find one. He tried to join any forex demo contest all over the web and yet there was no chance given to him. His wife and mother were contributing small amounts of investments to trade live in forex and since 2017 until the first half of 2018, all he got was another losing trek not in those previous programs he had but in the forex trading already. He was devastated, thinking of committing suicide for several times yet he couldn't do it.

To add insult to injury, those Filipinos who gave him an unwelcome treatment in his first 4 months of arrival in Chantaburi Thailand from the Philippines were the same people who tried to put him down during his struggling hours, days, and months with his family. He graduated as a Theology major yet during those struggling moments that he couldn't understand anymore and he couldn't hear any good words from those people around and he seemed to think that there  was no God at all and right there, he stop believing God. He was so angry with God and those people who have hurt him. There was only a few of his many friends who took on his side but the rest are just silent and tried to get themselves away with it. There were only two people who stick with him during those periods, his loving wife and also his loving and an understanding mother. 

It was indeed a challenging period of time of his life that he can no longer decide what to do and what was best for him and his family. Then, August 2018, he began to see things differently and decided to come back to God as he was before and he begin to find his edge in the forex market. But he has no capital to start into this risky business. So, his wife decided to borrow money again from someone and he started with just $300 dollars of investment. It was their main and only capital to start taking the challenge into this RISKY and scary business. And from that moment on, fragments of blessings from above starts to pour on and the rest is history.