Community Outreach and Direct Involvement of Trading Zone Team in any charity activities


Trading Zone is committed to get involve in helping people who are desperate in conditions and of course the team is also committed to give concern and provide help of any kind to stray dogs and other animals.

In connection with this, Trading Zone is about to set up a SOI DOG PJMM Foundation. Once the forex career getting stable and all these plans will be realized. Now, it is just like a dream but the Trading Zone Team is committed to make it happen once the set up plan and the forex trading career is stabilize.

Moreover, to those who would like to give a hand in contributing to make this dream realize while the Trading Zone Team is still preparing for the said plans. Then, you are free to contact them and communicate in person to discuss what could be the best thing to when you would like to make it happen.

In addition with, Trading Zone Team is offering Account Management for investors who would like to invest their funds through which the the Trading Zone Team is entrusted to trade your funds in risky market (Forex Market) with conditions and agreements applied. To this, Trading Zone Team is committed to share half of the profits made from the Account Management after it is being divided between investors and the Trading Zone Team to directly support to their causes like what is mentioned above.

Eventually, Trading Zone Team would like to make all these things transparent and so there will be a public mentioned of all the donors and contributors with their names publicized together with their specific amount of money contributed to the said plans. Take note, If there will be deduction of the amounts from donations then it will be the expenses that directly involves in charity works and is not used for personal gain of any personnel of the Trading Zone Team.